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About us

Since 1984, Sealco has set the standard as the leader in cost-saving solutions for critical environments. We specialize in products and services that maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. We offer results that are immediate, measurable and green.

Our History

When Ron Miglini founded Sealco in 1984, he saw an unmet need in data centers. Expensive computer room equipment required cleaning with specialized supplies and procedures to protect both the data and the equipment itself. So Ron began coordinating data center cleaning services out of his home. He worked alongside just two other employees; one for operations, one for admin tasks. With this small-but-nimble team, the company’s early days were spent cleaning computer rooms with sprawling mainframes and other large pieces of equipment such as DASDs and Tape Silos.

As the industry has evolved over the decades and moved from giant mainframes to server racks, Sealco’s commitment to protect data center equipment has remained the same. In addition to our cleaning services, we were among the first to provide Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle containment technology for data centers. Our reach of service has grown, too, with expansions to Houston in 1990, Atlanta in 2012, and Austin in 2022.

From air flow efficiency developments to hyperscale projects, we’ve helped data centers across the country stay clean, cool, and efficient. And just as we were on the cutting edge of containment technology, we’re pushing the industry forward with the remarkably efficient ColdLogik rear door coolers. We’ve helped data centers stay clean, cool, and tour-ready since 1984. And as data centers continue to advance, so will our approach to industry-best cleaning and cooling technologies.

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