AirSeal is right for you if:

  • You need an immediate bid for solutions.
  • Your computer room has hot spots.
  • You want to decrease facility cooling costs.
  • You have an increased kW load that exceeds current capacities.
  • You need a cooling solution that yields a healthy return on investment.

What you get with an AirSeal Solution

AirSeal is a consultative service for data center facility managers needing ROI-driven cooling products and installation. Our engineered solutions consist of a combination of airflow optimization products, hot aisle / cold aisle containment and ColdLogik rear door cooling, depending on the needs of your facility.

Product Consultation

A Sealco representative will reach out to discuss your cooling needs. Together you’ll establish a baseline of information, such as your current cooling system, problems you’re noticing, computer room density and plans for expansion. Based on the needs of your facility, Sealco will recommend a combination of products, engineering a best-fit solution for your facility. AirSeal solutions can consist of:

  • Airflow optimization products

    Blanking panels, vertical wall barriers, floor grommets and other fundamental data center cooling efficiency products.

  • Containment

    Industry-proven solution forming hot or cold aisles and maximizing CRAC unit efficiency.

  • ColdLogik rear door coolers

    A sophisticated and precise rear door cooling solution offering unprecedented efficiency and kW load capabilities — up to 135 kW while still improving energy efficiency. Click here to learn how ColdLogik offers the most advanced iteration of rear door cooling technology.


You’ll see hot spots disappear, significant improvements to energy savings, and a return on investment within a year.

You may see results such as:

A STIHL data center achieved 90% savings on cooling and Tier 3 (N+1) redundancy with a rear door cooling solution.

See the full case study

A Cambridge University facility achieved 98% power efficiency with a rear door cooling solution.

See the full case study

An ARM data center achieved a PUE of 1.034 demonstrated on full load with a rear door cooling solution.

See the full case study


When you accept the bid, we’ll order your parts (4 to 6 weeks lead time for airflow optimization and containment products, 9 to 10 weeks for ColdLogik). Your Sealco representative will coordinate logistics (correct loading dock, facility delivery hours, etc.) to ensure a smooth process.

Sealco technicians will install the cooling solution, set up monitoring systems and make adjustments if any aspect of the environment has shifted since the quote. The installation will take one day up to one week, depending on the size of your facility.

Airflow Optimization & Containment Timeline

ColdLogik Timeline

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