Critical Environment Cleaning

Critical environment cleaning

For four decades we’ve set the standard in data center and cleanroom cleaning — here’s how we can help you

Critical Environment Cleaning

Initial Cleaning

Achieve a tour-ready data center and protect server equipment against particulate contamination with an initial cleaning from Sealco. This service offers a practical and affordable solution to particulate problems and helps facility managers maintain ISO 14644-1 Class 8 standards in computer room environments. Typically a one-time contract, this can develop into an ongoing service for your facility with our preventative maintenance cleaning service.

We remove contamination in all airspaces, from ceiling plenums in drop ceilings to subfloor plenums in raised floor environments. We can also detail clean pieces of equipment, electrical power equipment, air handlers and interiors of cabinets if requested.

Sealco’s background-checked technicians undergo rigorous preparation in our training facility, where they learn best practices for cleaning in data center environments. They know how cleaning methods differ between static dissipative tiles and high-pressure laminate tiles and how to plug into correct power sources as to not disrupt the clean power supply.

Technicians also utilize cleaning supplies specifically designed for data center environments. Our approved cleaning equipment includes:

  • Special dust cloths with particle absorbent material
  • Low lint and non-shedding mops
  • Non-ammonia aided cleaners
  • ESD dissipative chemicals
  • HEPA filter vacuums

Sealco cleaning technicians have proven experience across a variety of facility types, from hyper-scale data centers with 30-foot drop ceilings to traditional raised floor environments. By working with our qualified cleaning team, you ensure your room is cleaned properly and your equipment is protected.

Critical Environment Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance

Contaminants, dust and particular matter enter your data center on a daily basis — and routine cleaning is essential for preventing contaminant build up in subfloors, ceiling plenum, cabinets and server equipment. And in facilities that regularly host visiting executives and potential customers, consistently maintained cleanliness standards are even more important. Our data center maintenance program addresses particulate contamination and maintains your facility’s high standards year-round.

We custom-tailor a preventative maintenance plan based on your critical environment layout to effectively achieve a clean, safe and tour-ready facility. These can range in frequency from daily appointments to yearly cleanings, though we recommend monthly or quarterly for most facilities to prevent buildup of contamination in airspaces.

Appointment frequency is determined by evaluating a number of factors including:

  • Amount of foot traffic in facility
  • Ongoing additions and moves with the data center
  • Status as a showcase site for customer and executive tours
  • Whether free cooling (outside air) is utilized
  • Budget considerations

When setting up your facility’s maintenance package, we start with a thorough evaluation of each zone in your facility. Then our experienced staff will recommend a cost-efficient program that details specific cleaning tasks and optimal cleaning frequencies for each area.

We use the same rigorously trained technicians and safe cleaning material as in our initial cleaning services. Additionally, your dedicated Sealco representative is always available to discuss changes to your maintenance program, from increasing frequency to adding disinfecting services, to make sure your program continues to meet your facility’s needs.

Critical Environment Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Professional cleaning during and after construction can determine whether new data centers, cleanrooms and other critical environments open on-time and on-budget. The construction process naturally generates numerous contaminants, and it takes more than an average cleaning crew to transform these spaces into ISO-standard computer rooms and cleanrooms.

Sealco representatives and technicians work closely with general contractors from planning to execution, analyzing architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical plans. We lean on our experience from hundreds of other construction cleaning jobs to determine the best course of action for cleaning your environment. Additionally, our project leads are OSHA 30 certified and our techs are OSHA 10 trained, ensuring a safe and productive jobsite.

We often recommend a phased out approach, starting with a rough clean to remove debris, dust and drywall material. This is then followed by one or two more cleaning stages, using particle absorbent material and HEPA filter vacuums to remove particulate matter and readying surfaces for the application of ESD seals. We ensure the space meets relevant ISO standards and is ready for the commissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Critical Environment Cleaning


In environmentally controlled cleanrooms, spaces must be kept free of sub-micron airborne contamination to protect the integrity of electronic hardware manufacturing, biotechnology projects and medical testing.

Sealco has extensive experience serving these environments, and our technicians can service cleanrooms in ISO Classes 1-9. We use verified cleanroom materials such as:

  • HEPA filtered vacuums
  • Cleanroom 100% polyester wipes
  • Cleanroom 100% polyester flat mops
  • IPA/DI water mixture

We can also guide protocol development, documentation and training for your facility and assist with garment and consumables procurement upon request. Proper disinfection and continual upkeep of a cleanroom is critical — together we will ensure your airspaces and surfaces are held to a rigorous standard of cleanliness.

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