Edge Solutions

Our Edge Solutions Help You:

  • Mitigate latency & decrease bandwidth issues with Sealco Edge Data Center Solutions
  • Allows your company’s IT department to have a quick response to local processing requirements by providing a variety of on-premises edge computing options.
  • Take time out of the equation when accessing your mission critical data!

Sealco's Edge Data Center

A small footprint, on-premises data center with infrastructure support and containment in a modular room. Take time out of the equation when accessing your mission critical data.

A Turn-key, Building Agnostic Micro Edge Data Center

  • Modular room
  • Infrastructure Conveyance
  • Power & Cooling
  • Containment
  • All Flat Pack to sites
  • White Glove Install
  • Monitored

The Modular Room

Simple ‘plug and play’ solutions are supplied pre-configured from the factory with built in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

Peace of mind is provided by an on board environmental and optional security monitoring system. Real time alarms and alerts which can be viewed via the WebUI will notify authorised personnel via email alarms relating to any issues with the cabinet.

Meaning you know what’s going on and can monitor who’s coming and going 24/7.

  • Custom designed and sized to fit your unique space.
  • Can typically be installed in as little as one day!
  • Engineered to be modular – easily expands as needs change.
  • Standard sizes can be pre-fabricated and ready to ship within 36 hours.
  • If completely custom then 4-6 weeks from CAD approvals to site delivery.
  • Available with integrated self-supporting ceiling modules, factory assembled for fast and simple construction.
  • Insert panels available in ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum or glass.
  • Ships as an easy-to-build pre-assembled room.
  • Ceiling can support a ceiling hung CRAC unit or walls can be designed to support multiple mini-split units.

Edge-3 & Edge-5 Soundproof Micro Data Centers

EDGE-3 by design

Arguably the best all round performing air-cooled soundproof MDC in the world – the EDGE-3 replaces the need for a dedicated server room and only takes up less than 1m² of valuable office/floor space, allowing localized (Edge) computing in populated or more sensitive locations – especially where there might be a concern of server noise being a distraction or breaching noise at work regulations.

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EDGE-5 by design

Designed specifically to cater for localized Edge computing demands and associated peripherals as a standalone solution, ideally located in a well ventilated room. The EDGE -5 is a self-contained air-conditioned MDC and is an ideal solution for projects requiring active cooling without the use of an external condenser. The cooling is provided by an inverter driven direct expansion system, which under the right conditions is 80% more energy efficient than a non-inverter driven AC unit.

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