Specialized Services

Specialized Services

We provide these additional services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to keep your data center cool, clean and operating 24/7

Specialized Services

Emergency Response

In case of an emergency, the Sealco response team is ready. These on-call technicians are available 24/7 to handle:

  • Water remediation
  • Fire suppression clean up
  • Electrical outage
  • Failed inspection
  • Last-minute cleaning for tours

Our specialists are trained to work fast and efficiently from the moment we receive your call. We’ll be in constant contact with your data center team and work around the clock to mitigate the problem and return your facility to full capacity as soon as possible.

Contact our emergency response team at 1-800-283-5567.

Specialized Services

Zinc Whisker Remediation

Though most commonly seen in older data centers, zinc whiskers can still pose a risk for computer room equipment. Zinc whiskers typically grow on the plenum side of floor panels, starting at just 1 or 2 microns in diameter and, if unchecked, growing to reach several millimeters in length. When they break free, they can enter the air of your data center, causing equipment shortage and leading to costly server damages.

If you suspect zinc whiskers in your facility, a Sealco specialist will perform a visual inspection to determine the extent and detect potential areas of exposure. Then, we’ll formalize a plan of action for safe and efficient remediation of zinc contaminants.

Specialized Services

Environmental Assessment

If you’re noticing hot spots, dry or humid areas, triggered temperature alarms or even equipment failures, an environmental assessment is an important next step. Our experienced technicians will conduct a full analysis of cooling, airflow and air quality status and identify the problems in your computer room.

An environmental assessment will include:

Depending on the results of the reports, we will recommend next steps for all cooling and cleaning issues. As a full-service data center partner, we’ll then play an active role in remediating these issues, ensuring a clean and cool environment with no downtime.

Specialized Services

Air particulate reporting

Facility managers should commission air particulate reporting every 6 months to a year, or whenever increased particulate contamination is suspected in a computer room. Implementing this service with Sealco technicians will ensure your room matches up against ISO and Federal Standards for critical environments.

  • Our technicians use handheld laser particle counters to measure all areas of your computer room, taking multiple readings for a complete and comprehensive analysis. The data is then plotted in our PortAll reporting program. This provides information for next steps based on the level of cleanliness in your room.
  • Once the report reveals the quantity and size of the particulate found in your data center, it is best to schedule a full initial clean of your data center. This process captures and removes particulate from the environment using treatable, disposable wipes and high filtration vacuums.
  • After the initial clean and filter evaluation, we recommend developing a regular maintenance cleaning schedule to maintain safe levels of air particulate in your facility.
Specialized Services

Cooling Audits and Remediation

An effective cooling configuration is indispensable for efficiently cooling computer room equipment. And when every ton of the HVAC unit is optimized, you can streamline energy costs, increase unit lifespan and even open up additional server capacity. A cooling audit with data center experts is a remarkably effective way to realize these benefits.

To complete an audit, Sealco data center technicians will use a series of information gathering techniques to evaluate your current cooling configuration and efficiency. Technicians will analyze:

  • Temperature readings and fluctuations
  • Static pressure readings from perforated tiles
  • Existing hot and cold aisle configurations
  • Utilization of airflow optimization tools

Following this audit, we make a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. These can range from simple additions of airflow management tools to ColdLogik rear door cooling solutions for handling higher densities. By undergoing this audit and implementing recommended adjustments to your room, your facility will be better equipped to cool efficiently and effectively.

Specialized Services

CFD Modeling

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology, Sealco technicians can provide a comprehensive look at airflow and temperature in your computer rooms. An analysis with this advanced software facilitates critical insights into your computer room’s cooling capacity — and potential areas of improvement.

This 3D modeling software creates a mathematical representation of the energy profile in the data center by showing hot and cold airflow within your facility, as well as the impact of load distribution. Our team uses this data to determine maximum cooling efficiency and methodology, room layout, rack density and power requirements. We’ll then develop a baseline from which improvements can be noted and potential savings calculated. This computational trial-and-error process also allows both teams to test out potential solutions before taking the time and resources to implement them.

This analysis service from Sealco will lead to an optimized cooling configuration, maximized space utilization, streamlined commissioning and cost-effective investments.

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